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We have different type of jewellery. Ambica pearls & jewellers embarks on creating a new league of authentic and crafted jewellery that touches the heart of every single person. Creating new designs with mind-blowing ideas has been the motto of this organisations and it continues to grow from here.With years of inovation and expertise,Ambica pearls & Jewellers have stepped up among the rest and envisaged a brand name.

A natural pearl is formed when nacre-producing cells are displaced from the mantle tissue of an oyster. These cells are genetically programmed to produce nacre, the substance that lines the inner sides of an oyster's shell. When the cells become displaced, often by a boring parasite or damage to the outer shell, they continue to do what they are programmed to do -- produce nacre and form a pearl.

They can be very tiny (as tiny as a peppercorn) or quite big (as big as a human's fist). The world's largest pearl, found in 1934 and called the Pearl of Lao-tze, is about the size of a basketball.